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Psychic Reading by Vienna  is not just another fly by night psychic service provider; rather we are your trusted Psychic with all Goodness!

Psychic Reading by Vienna, as a leading psychic service provider goes the extra mile in guiding you step by step to steer clear the hurdles and exploring your path to fulfillment. Our psychic readers make it a point to provide you the accurate readings when the matter relates to love, light & optimism. Our psychic advice has turned out to be a productive one in helping families and individuals get perfect solution on all aspects of energy crystal readings, Aura readings, crystal Ball Readings, Astrology readings and more.

What is worth mentioning is that we also provide couples counseling, where we try to judge their positive and negative points and based on that hearing we bring both of them an amicable solution.

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Psychic readings

Nervous about your future? Don’t know how to combat the obstacles in your life? Our psychic reader will advise you on different things going on in your life and those around you. Our readers will help you evaluate your current situation and help you walk on the right path in coming days.

Palm readings

Palm readings make all the difference. Experience the art of palm reading with Psychic readings. Our psychic consultants can read your palm lines and tell you about your past and future.

Tarot Card readings

Tarot cards have lots more to say! Our expert psychic will advise you on all affairs of your life and let you see new options. You will be able to get all the answers of your questions and more. Call us today to schedule a Tarot Card reading!

Crystal ball reading

Through crystal ball reading the psychic sees visions of your future and secrets yet to unearth. Get authentic crystal ball forecast, prediction, readings from our fortune teller.

Chakra reading

Your chakras are spiritual magnets that connect you to the positive elements of your life. When evaluating your chakras, we sometimes find that there are either blockages,imbalances and some dead particles which can be cleaned through chakra cleansing or chakra spa.

Aura Cleansing

There are 7 layers in the aura. Each one is associated with a particular chakra. Aura cleansing removes dead particles of energy from the different layers, letting you feel more motivated and vibrant.

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